Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Oral Intensity Ep 1: The Pilot and Showmance

This is the first episode of Oral Intensity, a podcast about the hit FOX television show, Glee! In this first podcast we (Dan, Dylan, and Clara) introduce ourselves and cover a wide range of topics. This episode is focused around the first two episodes of season 1: The Pilot and Showmance. We quickly recap the episodes and then tell our thoughts about how we feel these early episodes compare to those later in the season. We also look back at our introductions to the characters we love and discuss the musical performances. Other topics discussed include how realistic we find McKinley High School and what we think of the many relationships on the show. Please send us your comments and constructive criticisms to oralintensitypodcast@gmail.com. The music for the podcast is A Fifth of Beethoven and Soul Bossa Nova performed by The Swingle Singers. The podcast should be on iTunes within a few days. Once it's up please subscribe and rate us.  Thanks for listening everyone.

To listen to the podcast click here: OralIntensity_Pilot.mp3

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