Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"A Night of Neglect" First Impressions

Hey everyone, Dan here! So we had our first episode of Glee last night since Regionals (man that was the loooonnngggeessttt break) and I thought it was an overall fun comedic episode. As we discussed on the last podcast we plan to continue making podcasts this summer (probably starting in late May) but I figured that until then I'll post some blog entries to hopefully remind you guys of our existence. So from now on I'm going to post an entry after each of the remaining episodes with my initial reactions! I figure these entries will also come in useful when we look back at the episodes in the summer because they can  serve as a basic outline for the podcasts. Let me know what you guys think and please leave comments with your thoughts on the episode.

Basic Thoughts on A Night of Neglect:
  • Overall a very wacky episode with lots of over-the-top plot-lines and silliness (luckily most of the wackiness worked well)
  • First off I really enjoyed the League of Doom! Sure it was completely ridiculous and the codenames that Sue comes up with quite silly but as a comic book fan I really dug it. I also think this was probably the funniest storyline they've come up with for Sue in a while. She may still be acting insanely but at least she isn't punching anyone. 
  • Dustin, the new Vocal Adrenaline coach, is an awesome addition to the cast! I thought he was wonderfully asinine and quirky. Sandy was also quite funny in this episode and I even liked Terry's line about how there should be bagels at the meeting. 
  • On the negative side of things I'm really starting to feel like there are WAY too many characters being juggled on this show. I mean we have the glee kids (now including Lauren) all of whom have their own stories, Will, Emma, Bieste, Holly, the League of Doom, the Warblers, Karofsky, Sunshine... and this isn't even including all the side characters like Jacob and Burt. I guess Carl and Holly are out of the picture now which might help things (though I wish Carl had been used more) but it really seems to slow down the storylines and make things feel disjointed. 
  • I also wasn't a huge fan of the whole Mercedes storyline but I guess it wasn't awful. 
  • I enjoyed the Kurt, Blaine, and Santana scene but it is a great example of how having too many things going on at once hurts the storytelling. First, as great as Santana was in that scene, it made no sense to me why she wouldn't have just flipped out right after she'd been slushied. Second it felt weird to me that we didn't even get one scene where Kurt talks to his friends Rachel and Mercedes (who were there for him when Blaine didn't like him) about finally being with Blaine. I'm sure we'll get that scene next episode but that seems like something that is strange to put off. 
  • We also go way too little Rachel, Finn, and Quinn in this episode... just sayin
  • Oh, I liked the whole rekindling of Wemma (Will and Emma)! I didn't think they could make me give a crap about that relationship after Will had been such an idiot around her all season but I guess I'm easily manipulated 
  • As for the music... well I'll get into it more on the podcast in like June lol but I didn't think it was the greatest. All By Myself was good and I liked Mike's dance number. I'm quite pissed that we didn't get to hear Rachel sing My Hear Will Go On though. 
  • That's pretty much it. Hope you enjoyed the post!