Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ep 2: Acafellas and Preggers

On this second episode of Oral Intensity, a podcast about FOX's hit TV show Glee, Dan, Dylan, and Clara discuss Acafellas and Preggers. We quickly recap the episodes and then share our thoughts and ideas about them. Topics discussed this week include, the clothing of the characters, our love of Puck, disagreements about Rachel, and most of all, a large debate about Quinn and the morality of her character. Please send us your comments and constructive criticisms to The music for this week's podcast include Single Ladies by Beyonce and Glee's ending credits. We are now on iTunes so please subscribe, rate, or review our podcast. Thanks for listening!

To listen to the podcast click here: Ep2_Acafellas_Preggers.m4a

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