Tuesday, July 13, 2010

About the Podcast

This blog is all about Oral Intensity, a podcast made by me (Dan) and a few of my close friends. We're really big Glee fans and now that season one has ended we decided that we wanted to look back at the show's amazing beginning by doing a podcast which we plan to continue on into season 2 and beyond. As any true Gleek should know our podcast's name comes from the name of a team that beats out New Directions in the season one finale, Aural Intensity. Yes, we are aware that it is in fact called Aural Intensity but let's face it, most people thought they were talking about Oral when they first heard it on the show and it's just way funnier. We have come up with a few alternative names such as Danny and the Gleeks or The Gleek Squad but we couldn't decide on a name and just ended up with Oral Intensity. Anyway, the current format of the show is that we will cover two episodes of Glee per podcast, starting with the Pilot and Showmance. We plan to do a podcast a week (or possibly more) so that we finish going through season one before season two starts. We hope you enjoy the show and please bear with us as we work out the kinks within our first couple podcasts. We're new to this thing.

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