Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Podcast Schedule

I just wanted to let you know that Clara and I have spring break next week and already have plans to record a new podcast on Monday. After that I hope to record a few more episodes with my friends at college but to be honest it doesn't seem likely that we will catch up with the show before the season finale. I don't think this is the worst thing however since it means that Clara, Dylan and I will be able to cover a bunch of the episodes together during the summer just like last year. In addition it means that we'll be able to throw in some news about the upcoming season three as well as talk about how the episodes fit into the season as a whole. You guys can expect weekly podcasts during the summer because even once we catch up with the show I have some other ideas. Let me know what you all think about us being a mostly summer show. If you guys are bummed about it I'll redouble my efforts to podcast at college. Sorry for the lack of episodes and I hope you'll keep listening!

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