Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ep 14: Special Education and XMAS!

On this fourteenth episode of Oral Intensity, a podcast about FOX's hit TV show Glee, Dan and Clara discuss the 9th and 10th episodes of season two, entitled Special Education and A Very Glee Christmas. In this episode we converse about the future of the podcast (which will likely be that it's a summer show) and we go over some reader email. In addition to commenting on the episodes we also have some interesting Glee related news/ spoilers! Please send your comments to oralintensitypodcast@gmail.com. The music for this week's podcast includes Hey, Soul Sister by Train and the glee version of Last Christmas. Please subscribe to us and rate us on iTunes.

To listen to the podcast please click here: Ep14_Special_Xmas.m4a

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