Monday, September 27, 2010

A Note About the Podcast

So first off, Glee premiered last week and I have to say I thought it was AWESOME! I'm soo pumped for tomorrow's Brittney episode. We (the Oral Intensity crew) had planned on recording an episode about Auditions today but unfortunately due to scheduling and technical difficulties we weren't able to. Our plan now is to record an episode this coming weekend about the first two episodes of season 2. Sorry to keep you guys waiting but at least this way we can stick to our old format of two eps a podcast. With luck episode 10 will be up by this Sunday. Also, if you've sent us an email recently and we haven't sent anything back we're very sorry. We'll make sure to respond soon, we've just been bogged down with schoolwork. Who'da thunk college was actually hard? Stay Gleeky everybody!

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