Sunday, September 5, 2010

Emmys, Promos, and Some News

Hey everyone! It's been a bit since I put anything up on here since I've been busy with my first week of college but a lot has happened in the past week and a half gleewise. I thought I'd talk about all the news on here since we finished recording episode 9 a while ago and won't be recording another one till season 2 starts. First off, Glee won 4 Emmys which is great (though considering they were up for like a million it's not a whole lot). Neil Patrick Harris won for best guest star in a comedy (you'll hear my feelings on this in episode 9 of the podcast). Also, Ryan Murphy won for his outstanding directing and the show won for best sound-mixing in a comedy for Power of Madonna. Lastly, and most importantly, Jane Lynch won for best supporting actress in a comedy! The Emmys themselves actually started out with a really great musical skit involving the Glee kids which you can watch below if you missed it.

Now, beyond all the Emmy hubbub, there has been quite a bit of other Glee news. There may be some minor SPOILERS going down here so reader beware... though really it's just fun stuff and I'm only saying that for the spoiler freaks. This set of news doesn't include the stuff we talked about during episode 9 of the podcast so look out for that sometime next week. Ok so multiple sources that I've seen have confirmed that Jessie will in deed be back next season though we don't know how much. Clara, as any loyal OI listener would guess, kind of spazzed about that news. Also, Jane Lynch confirmed that Kurt's boyfriend has been cast and it is almost definitely Chord Overstreet. By the way, I have links to all this info but I'm honestly just way too lazy to put them in. There has also been a ton of talk of Finn being all about Rachel this season and some hints of them going kind of excessive on the PDA front.

There has also been some rumors of the football team doing "Stronger" in the Brittney Spears episode. Ask Ausiello has, as usual, provided a ton new glee tidbits as well. According to him a series regular will find him or herself in a life or death situation in episode 3 of the season. That same episode will deal with the fallout of the whole Burt/ Finn situation. Also, apparently Ryan Murphy still hasn't put much thought into casting the two gay dads so... I guess we won't be seeing them anytime soon. I think that's pretty much everything... EXCEPT we have promos! Really awesome promos! One of them is embedded below. To watch another promo click here. It starts off with some annoying girls talking but just fastforward through them. If you want to watch a cool video Mark Salling made about Glee (which is kind of old) click here. By the way, most of this news comes to you thanks to our awesome listener Elise! Thanks Elise!

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